Instructional Videos


  • How to Register for a Tournament

  • How to Invite your Partner/ Team

    • Tips/Additional Help:

      1. Make sure your partner is clicking link in email

  • Locating/Information about Volleyball Den Search Engine

  • Putting the App. on your phone

    • Installing Volleyball Den App on iPhone

      1. Go to your Home screen.

      2. Open up your internet browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome).

      3. In the web site address, type: (make sure you type the beginning part “app”).

      4. After The Den login screen shows, press the share or arrow icon near the bottom of the screen.

      5. Find the “Add to Home Screen” option. You may have to “swipe-up” to show more options, scroll to the left through iPhone options. Once you find the “Add to Home Screen”, click on it.

      6. Near the top of screen, press on the “Add” option to add Volleyball Den App to your Home Screen.

      7. Our app will automatically update itself. There is no need to worry about updating the software, this is handled for you

Tournament Directors